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Wilson Sony Smart Tennis Sensor
Innovative technology from the leaders of tech and tennis! By attaching the Smart Tennis Sensor to your racket, all your shot data are recorded and can be displayed in real-time on your smartphone via Bluetooth. Through the app screen, you can check the swing (shot) type, ball speed, swing speed, ball spin, ball impact spot and other data for every shot.All recorded data are stored on your smartphone and sorted by shot type. Play reports are automatically created so that you can look back and analyze your tennis game. From the more detailed screen, you can view your play data over time.

  • Number of shots : Counts the number of tennis shots/swings.
  • Ball impact spot: Displays what part of the racket hits the ball.
  • Swing type: (Determines the swing type)
  • Forehand:  Topspin, Slice, Volley
  • Backhand: Topspin, Slice, Volley
  • Overhead: Smash, Serve
  • Swing speed: Displays the racket head speed in km/h or mph.
  • Ball speed: (Initial speed): Displays the ball speed in km/h or mph.
  • Ball spin: Displays from -10 to +10 (21 levels).
  • Water-proof: JIS/IEC protection level 5 (IPX5) equivalent *Prevents water damage from all directions.
  • Dust-proof: JIS/IEC protection level 6 (IP6X) equivalent *Provides dust resistance.
  • Charging time: Approx. 120 minutes
  • Continuous usage time:
  • (With Bluetooth)Approx. 90 minutes *Assuming 500 hits/swings in 60 minutes.
  • Without Bluetooth: Approx. 180 minutes
  • Dimensions Diameter: 31.3 mm, Height: 17.6 mm
  • Weight Approx: 8 grams
  • Comes with:Attachment unit, cradle, cradle cap, micro USB cable, removal tool, carrying bag
  • Supported OS/devices for app:
  • Smartphone/tablet with a camera running Android 4.1 or later (some exception may exist) or iPhone/iPad (except iPhone 3GS) running iOS6.1 or later
  • Item: 73-WRZ560000

Wilson Sony Smart Tennis Sensor
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