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Suunto Elementum Aqua Watch
With the Suunto Elementum Aqua on your wrist, underwater adventure blends seamlessly with surface life. On dry land, the Aqua is disguised as a beautiful timepiece coworkers and friends will admire. Upon entering the water, the Aqua transforms into a dive watch.

Suunto diving history began in 1960 when Suunto invented the first dive compass. Since then, Suunto has helped divers go deeper than ever before. Take part in Suunto history with the Aqua, the newest addition to the Suunto dive watch line.

Construction: Crafted for elegance and strength, the Aqua features anti-reflective, scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass and a corrosion resistant stainless steel case. Waterproof push-button construction makes this heirloom-quality dive watch water resistant to 200 meters.

The Aqua also features a high-quality LCD display with metallic display graphics, a proven back cover, and water contact sealing.

Since your style is important to you, the Aqua comes in a range of styles from edgy black rubber with a negative face to cool and classic stainless.

A Watch for Life: Above the surface, the Suunto Aqua keeps track of your life with time, date, and an alarm. A backlight reveals data in the dark and underwater.

A prominent crown, a feature seldom found on digital watches, allows easy scrolling through dive logs. All buttons may be used underwater without having to worry about water damage.

The Aqua is powered by a lithium battery which will deliver about 1 year of power assuming normal use. A jeweler can replace the battery using the Suunto Elementum Replacement Battery.

Underwater Sense: The Aqua dive watch knows when you enter the water, automatically calculating dive data once in a water level of .6 meters/2 ft. Dive logs start and stop recording data at 1.2 meters/4 ft.

During a dive, the Aqua calculates real-time and maximum depth. The Aqua also tracks water temperature and dive time once you descend to 1.2 meters. Keep bragging rights with logs of your last 14 dives.

Once you surface, the Aqua counts down up to 48 hours surface time, letting you know when it's safe to return to the water.

The Aqua's features are best suited to free-diving, though any diver benefits from the watch's distinguished features.

Experience Elementum: Suunto Elementum watches reflect a deep knowledge of diving, mountaineering, and sailing. Elementum watches also acknowledge the more urban part of an athlete's life, leading to watches that are modern, stylish, and extremely functional. Experience all that Elementum has to offer with the Suunto Elementum Terra and Ventus.

Do you seek altitude instead of depth? Consider the Suunto Elementum Terra, a watch equipped with altimeter, barometer, and a 3D compass.

Or maybe you explore the sea by yacht? Choose the Suunto Elementum Ventus, a sailing watch that tracks weather trends and displays direction using a 3D compass balanced for global use.

* Depth Meter, Dive Computer
* Perfect for Diving, Marine and Water sports
* Backlight
* Calendar
* Button Lock
* Depth Meter
* 12 / 24 Hour
* Water Resistance: 200m/600ft
* Face Type: Sapphire
* Casing Material: Stainless
* Band Material : Rubber, Stainless
* Face Thickness: 14mm
* Band Width : 22mm
* Total Display Area: 32mm
* Casing Diameter: 51mm
* Item: 5216-SS014527000
Suunto Elementum Aqua Watch
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