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Light & Motion Solite 150 Performance Lamp
The Light and Motion Solite 150 Performance Lamp is a headlamp, helmet light, bicycle bar light and miner style light all-in-one. It is so innovative, 3M gave it best "In-New-Vation Award" for 2011. It just so happens that your bike light doubles as the most versatile outdoor light on the planet - part bike light, part headlamp, part flashlight, part tent light, etc. Keep the adventure going - whether you are making dark early morning ascent of a 14er or trying to find your hidden stash of coffee buried in your pack - this light will get you where you need to be.

* Safety Side Lighting: After hearing so much praise for the safety side lighting on the Vis 360 bike lighting system, they decided to include the side lighting feature on the Solite 150. The amber filter provides a distinct lighting pattern to maximize visibility during your favorite activities
* USB Charging: Convenient USB battery charging allows you to connect to a USB port or wall outlet with the included cable. Worried about running out of juice? There are loads of aftermarket backup battery solutions (rechargeable) that will plug directly into the mini-USB port on the light
* You will soon wonder why all devices aren't set up for USB charging. Instead of relying on an open wall outlet, you can snag a USB port on a computer or bring along an aftermarket backup battery pack. It's not just about convenience, it's about being more responsible about the resources and reacharging instead of throwing away and replacing
* Lithium-ion Battery: With the total system weighing in it around 135 grams, this powerful lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack will give you up to 40 hours of useable light. Lithium-ion battery technology is the same as what you'll find in your laptop computer and are far superior to the old school alkaline batteries
* Battery clip offers lots of mounting possibilities - bikes, motorcycle, helmets, backpack straps all become a perfect location to affix a powerful light
* Battery Indicator: Four stage battery life indicator system keeps you posted on how much light is left in your unit
* MOUNTS: Miner Headstrap, Bike Helmet, Bike, Hand Torch
* LUMENS: 150
* RUN TIME (hrs) - High: 3:00, Med: 6:00, Low: 40:00
* WEIGHT: 135 gr
* Item: 6349-856-0405
Light & Motion Solite 150 Performance Lamp
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