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Petzl Core Lithium Ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery
Designed for the TIKKA 2 - ZIPKA 2 line of headlamps, the CORE rechargeable battery offers an advantage over regular batteries. It is very easy to insert and can be charged via any standard USB charger: a cell phone charger, a multimedia device, cigar lighter, or even a solar panel, a portable energy source, a computer, etc. Excellent performance at low temperatures, thanks to Lithium Ion Polymer technology. With the OS by Petzl software, the user can customize headlamp performance in a number of ways: for example, to adapt the lighting intensity or battery life to the type of activity.

  • Compatible with the entire TIKKA 2 - ZIPKA 2 line of headlamps
  • Battery life is equivalent to that of more than 900 type LR03/AAA batt eries: the CORE rechargeable batt ery recharges up to 300 times (beyond that, its capacity is approximately 30 % lower than its initial capacity)
  • Compatible with all standard USB chargers (cell phone charger, multimedia device, cigar lighter, solar panel, portable energy source, computer, etc.)
  • OS by Petzl software personalizes the functioning of the headlamp according to the needs or the ty pe of activity. This software is used to determine the type of lighting: when const ant , the light int ens ity remains const ant during use; declining, it diminishes progressively to optimize battery life. It then becomes possible to adjust, in a very int uitive way and with only a few clicks, the batt ery life or the lighting level (maximum or economic mode) as needed.
  • Environmental benefit for intensive use (frequent battery changes) : CORE reduces wast e and environment al impacts related to the energy source, throughout the lifetime of the lamp.
  • Exclusive mounting system allows the battery to be int egrated directly int o the TIKKA2 - ZIPKA2
  • Excellent performance at low temperatures, thanks to Lithium Ion Polymer technology
  • Battery charge indicator when in use:
  • 3 LEDs lit: charge > 75 %
  • 2 LEDs lit: 50 % < charge < 75 %
  • 1 LED lit: 25 % < charge < 50 %
  • No LEDs lit: charge < 25 %
  • Battery charge indicator when charging:
  • Const ant green LEDs : charge 100 %
  • Strobe green LEDs : 66 % < charge < 100 %
  • Strobe orange LEDs : 33 % < charge < 66 %
  • Strobe red LEDs : 1 % < charge < 33 %
  • Item:  5942-E93100

Petzl Core Lithium Ion Polymer Rechargeable Battery
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