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Black Knight Ion X-Force Black Squash Racquet - Senior
New for 2011, the Black Knight senior Ion X-Force Black Squash Racquet is quite simply one of the most technologically advanced racquets available today. ION: Black Knight’s Ion series was developed in collaboration with multiple British Open and World Champion David Palmer, and the Ion Storm was used for his 2008 British Open victory.

* Ion series racquets exploit reduced frame distortion and torque for a larger sweetspot and greater control for hard hitters such as Palmer. This is achieved using Nano-Crystalline Technology (NCT) as an additive to the polymer structure of the graphite frame, in combination with the Ion frame geometry, where the shaft is flared in 2 dimensions between the bridge and the handle to create a progressive flex, increasing power transfer
* Complete with BK Rad Cushion grips for non-slip control; and Ashaway strings – the world’s most popular squash strings
* Nano Crystalline Technology (NCT) which is an additive incorporated into the carbon fibre that not only helps reduce vibration but binds the fibres for added durability
* Thermal Core technology (TCT) in which the racquet is injected with super heated air while it is being cured in the ovens. This allows for a uniform curing process inside the frame and out for greater durability and a more responsive hit.
* 16K fibres - 16,000 individual strands woven together for more structural strength, and durability.
* Power of 6 – at each stage of development the frame was analyzed under stress at 6 key points, with the resulting data used to fine tune the model until the best performance results were achieved for the composition and geometry of the model
* Power Surge – drives the power of the swing towards the racquet head while cutting vibration and adding stiffness to the shaft. It can be seen on the sides of the shaft
* This racquet weighs 140g with a head light balance. Rated as stiff, it is strung with Ashaway Supernick Micro string for better bite on the ball. David Palmer is currently using this frame in his singles competitions and the slightly heavier Yellow version for his doubles
* It also comes with the #1 selling cushion grip called Rad Cushion for the ultimate in grip control. Headcover and their famous 45 day NO-FAULT guarantee are included
* String: SuperNick XL Micro
* Recommended Tension: 25-29 lbs
* Rigidity Index: 95
* Avg. Frame Weight: 140 g
* String Area: 475 cm2
* Dynamic Weight: 130
* Item: 305-IONX
Black Knight Ion X-Force Black Squash Racquet - Senior
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