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Assos USA iJ.intermediate_s7 Jacket - Mens
This is it! The next generation, brand new successor to the legendary intermediate Evo long-sleeve jersey. Before intermediate, this type of cycling jersey simply did not exist. Very simple in concept, very effective on the bike: a summer jersey with long sleeves and airBlock front panel protection. Introducing the brand new intermediate_s7. We have elevated its performance, increased your comfort and lowered its volume. The intermediate_s7 provides superb total comfort and light protection when temperatures are a bit chilly but not too cold. Ideally suited for early morning rides or when riding in rapidly changing climatic conditions, as in MTB. The intermediate_s7 features six different textiles, 17 patterns and 14 components.

  • Frontpanel: new stratagonUltra airBlock fabric. Advantages: extreme stretch, extreme low volume and advanced breathability transmission factor.
  • Side and rear panel made out of the new ASSOS Type.v X121 summer fabric as used on the new SS.Uno_s7. Advantage: Speed! 34% faster drying process compared to previous generation. This provides a better - operating body temperature regulation function.
  • Upper arms feature a brand new, super light, fleecy type of insulation fabric. Nicely adhering, keeps your arms cozy and well protected and gives total freedom of movement.
  • NEW: the front of the collar now features airBlock protection.
  • Full zip with flap protection on the upper section.
  • Three rear pockets, of which the center one is zippered and membrane-protected to give its contents light water protection.
  • WristWrap: Better, more stable fit of the sleeves thanks to this new ASSOS construction feature.
  • Micro thin two-layer memory foil shield composite
  • Impermeability 11.200 mm H2O
  • Nonporous, hydrophilic
  • Molecule gapping technology. It's alive!
  • Flexible barrier function enables it to respond to your body temperature / perspiration
  • Extreme low volume, thin and high tech
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Item:  6621-1130321

Assos USA iJ.intermediate_s7 Jacket - Mens
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