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Kickboard USA Monster Bullet Scooter
The monster bullet has a bold black and red design and a unique, prize-winning patented 'carving' wheel that makes it perfect for those who like the thrill and adrenaline of higher speeds and tight turns, with a great urban look and a smooth comfortable ride on any type of surface.

The monster bullet's 'carving' wheel is patented exclusively for kick® scooters by Swiss-based micro. It's a totally new type of drive concept, an integrated carving tool that grips corners and provides greater stability on rough asphalt. Lean hard into the turn and tilt the wheel for tight or 'carving' turns.

In addition to the patented 'carving' wheel, micro's philosophy of quality design and innovation show up in even the smallest details: - a wide aluminum deck with an extra big grip tape, for a more comfortable, stable, wider stance - an easy-to-use double-button patented folding system means it can be folded up easily and carried inside. - adjustable-height handlebars (up to 12 inches) mean a perfect fit for both kids and adults - safety-tested padded foam handle grips, made from the highest quality non-toxic materials, with rounded rubber plugs on the end of the handlebars to prevent injury and protect the monster bullet from damage if its dropped - the wheels of the monster bullet are made of the highest quality polyurethane available - you can feel the exceptionally smooth glide when you ride the monster bullet - quality ABEC5 bearings resist high pressure and create a ride that’s smooth, quiet and speedy.

More street surfing than regular scooting, the monster bullet is a unique and thrilling sensation that will hook you immediately. The monster bullet - Swiss innovation, the micro tradition of quality, and a ride incomparable to any other...all in a hot black and red package.

* Ages: teen-Up
* Rider weight: up to 220lbs
* Handlebar height: 24in extends up to35in
* Deck length: 14 in
* Deck width: 4 ¾ in
* Weight: 8.1 lbs
* Wheels: PU 87A high rebound cast urethane wheels
* Front wheel: 120mm x 64mm cast PU
* Rear wheel: 80mm x 64mm cast PU
* Wheel bearings: ABEC 5
* Brake: metal rear wheel brake
* Dimensions (folded): 26 x 7 x 4 ¾ in
* Dimensions (unfolded): 37x15x27 in
* Item: 3026-SA0030
Kickboard USA Monster Bullet Scooter
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