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Pick The Best Swimsuit For Your Shape

by Paragon Sports Staff

Fashion Swim

The first step is determining your body shape. Every body is shaped differently and confidence is key! If you feel better in a one piece then a bikini go for it! Never be ashamed of what you’re shape is.

Short Torso

If you have a short torso that means you’re body is shorter in proportion to your legs. When choosing a bikini try to avoid tops that cut your torso off. Bandeau tops and high-rise bottoms will stunt your torso even more. Try a halter top with a plunging v-neck and a low-rise bottom. The halter will elongate your neck line while the low rise bottom will even out the proportion of your legs, giving you a longer looking torso. When choosing a one-piece suit avoid high cuts and thick bulky straps.


Long Torso

A long torso means your body appears longer than your legs. Try on one pieces with a high cut leg or a cut out suit, let your legs do all the talking. If you prefer a two-piece avoid the low-rise bottoms and the boy short/skirted look. Try a bottom with a high rise and pair it with a bandeau top or a tankini.


Pear Shaped

The pear shaped body is narrow through the shoulders and chest and wider through the hips and thighs. The key here is a clean conservative line for the bottoms. A fuller cut bottom or a skirted bottom works well with this shape. Avoid bold colors and prints on the bottoms. Have fun with the top portion of the suit. Bold prints, beading, or a low-neck line brings the attention upwards.


Wide Shoulders

If your shoulders are wide and your hips are narrow go with a fun embellished bottom. Prints, ties, belts, and side rings on the bottoms are all ways to draw attention away from the wide shoulders. Pick a top with basic bra like straps. Avoid halters and bandeaus that will only make your shoulders appear broader. Try a tankini to emphasize your body’s vertical lines.


Large Bust

If you have a large bust it’s all about support. Go for a bathing suit or bikini top that has bra like support. Find one with underwire or adjustable straps. Built in cups offer great shape and support without over padding. If you want a sexier look try a halter-top, this shows off some cleavage while keeping your chest supported. The most important thing is to find a comfortable yet flattering silhouette.


Small Bust

When making the bust appear larger go for a subtly not fake. You want it to appear natural not forced. Try a triangle top or one with light padding. A top that ties in the front can help pull things together to give the illusion of cleavage. If you’ve got great legs or hips pick a bottom or a bathing suit that brings the attention away from the bust line, show off what you have.


Flabby Stomach

The stomach can be a problem area for most women, remember you’re not alone! If you want to hide the problem area and still go for something cute try a loose fitting tankini. Avoid tops that are extremely snug through the waist. Bikinis show off the tummy more than any other style swimsuit. If you’re not comfortable pick a one piece, but avoid plain cuts. Try one that gathers or one that wraps at the waist. This will help minimize the appearance of your stomach. Find a one piece or tankini that emphasizes your chest and neckline, take the attention away from the belly.


Remember in order to look good you need to feel good! Don’t pay attention to the size focus on the fit. If it fits well you’ll feel good!

Technical Swim

You should always follow a size chart when purchasing a technical or competitive swimsuit online. Fit is very important, have your measuring tape ready to go. Most brands use different scales so it’s important to compare.

Here is an example of Speedo’s Sizing

Size 25 26 27 28 29 30
Chest 33"/84cm 34"/86cm 35"/89cm 36"/92cm 37"/96cm 38"/98cm
Body Loop 150cm 152cm 153cm 155cm 162cm 168cm
Waist 69cm 70cm 70cm 72cm 74cm 78cm
Inside Leg 69cm 70cm 71cm 72cm 74cm 76cm

Remember to check each brands sizing before you make your purchase. Some brands ask for different measurements.

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