Bike Talk with Shaun Fowler Summmer

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As NYC heats up for Summer, Paragon's Bike Buyer, Shaun Fowler, tells us what he’s up to this season. Shaun is an avid cyclist and rides to work daily. He’s not alone in his bike commute, according to the US Census the percentage of NYC commuters by bicycle has doubled since 2009. 

We spoke to Shaun about his biking lifestyle.

About how many miles do you rack up a day between commuting and recreational riding?

I ride 30 miles a day commuting. On my days off I ride 40-100 miles. I rode 1900 miles last August. Note: By riding these miles last August, he placed 21st in the U.S. and 81st in the world in the Strava Challenge.

Any recommendations for people getting into cycling or commuting by bike?

Start out on the West Side bike path so you are away from the cars. Once you are comfortable with that, you can ride with traffic.

What are your cycling essentials?

Always wear a helmet! Cycling glasses and a good looking kit also help.

What do you love about using a bike for transportation in NYC?

It is by far the easiest way to get around the city. You get in a workout at the same time as well!

What made you choose cycling over another sport?

Cycling is the best cardio with the least wear and tear on your body.

Whats happeningn in the Bike Shop these days?

Our shop has the best selection of apparel, helmets and shoes in the city. Also our associates share my love for cycling so they can really offer some expert advice when it comes to bikes and gear. 

For summer cycling events, check out these opportunities to ride and geek out on bikes:


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 The Epic Ride, Brooklyn


BTCNJ 2015 Ramapo Rally

Three weekends of Summer Streets, NYC

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