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This week we are spotlighting a footwear classic, Gola A British shoe with humble beginnings.  Crafted for the athlete in all of us, built on family values, while remaining current, Gola was launched in 1905.  Gola encourages champions to greatness and has a rich history.  Gola already had football boots rolling out during the 1930s and even made boots for the British Army during World War II.  Over 100 years later Gola is still exemplifying both fun and function, in a variety of colors and styles.  Gola has been pioneers in many senses; they actually were the first company to use the word ‘trainers’ in the sportswear world in 1977.  However, their appeal as trainers extends off the field, as many celebrities sport them.  Since the 2000s Gola Sportswear has been re-launched as a ‘retro’ sportswear brand, marketing to the same people, just this time with a nostalgic twist.  

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