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teva x benny gold


Punk rock inspired Benny Gold X Teva sandals were born in the art inspiring city of San Francisco.  This revamp of the Original Universal by Teva is multi-purpose, and will excel no matter the activity or terrain.  

As a part of the Teva Artist Series, various artists are giving their take on the Original Universal sandal.  Benny Gold used his glider image to create a custom paper airplane pattern for this enhanced Original Universal Sandal.  The Glider has been a repeated symbol in Gold's work since he moved to San Francisco. To remind himself of the reason he fell in love with art, Gold designed a simple sticker—a glider airplane with the saying Stay Gold —and posted it around town on his days off. The Glider is a symbol of being forever young and note to always keep moving.

Growing up in Key West, one of Benny's first job memories was working at a shop that sold Teva's, he has come full circle as an artist with this collection.  Furthermore, Teva will donate 10% of every Artist Series purchase to kids’ art education programs! 

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