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Get to Know Veja

The Portuguese-Brazillian word Veja, literally means to “look.”  Look beyond the sneakers and learn how they are made, and to start something where everyone earns a decent income from organic cotton producers to the distributors.  Veja is the world leader in socially conscious and environmentally friendly shoes, and they refuse to trade on their morals.  They work directly with small producer cooperatives in Brazil, using materials like organic cotton, wild Amazonian rubber, and acacia tanned leather,  Veja has the strongest ethical footing in the shoe industry thanks to their commercial disobedience.    No materials are wasted and no stock accumulates by only producing orders for the next six months, unlike the majority of their competition. They’ve usurped the established industry rules, and without compromising their ethical and ecological values.  From sourcing and the production cycle to packaging and distribution, Veja has the strongest ethical footing in the shoe industry.  Beyond shoes, Veja works on a variety of projects globally from solar panel ventures and black empowerment programs in South Africa to orphanages and social ventures in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.  How can they spend all this money? They haven’t spent a penny on advertising, yet celebrities, actors, and athletes like David Beckham sport them.   Rather than using sweatshops and paying for advertisement, Veja actively promotes eco-farming, campaigns against deforestation, supports workers’ rights and creates employment for the less privileged.

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