Exclusive Interview with Venus Williams

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Last Sunday we had the honor of hosting Venus Williams in our tennis shop to launch her new line of fitness Apparel, EleVen by Venus Williams, at our Tennis Shop. Our staff modeled the line with Venus in a fashion show and Venus had a chance to give us a little insight on her lifestyle and brand, and shared some tips for success. 

PS: When did you realize you wanted to do tennis professionally?  

VW: My parents gave me a tennis racquet and told me to play, luckily they were right!  It’s a lot of work, but I love playing tennis.

PS: What are some of your most satisfying wins? 

VW: Some of my most satisfying wins are against my sister Serena.  We have fun and challenge each other.  

PS: What made you want to create EleVen? What’s the message behind your brand? 

VW: On the court, I struggled to find clothing that allowed me to express myself the way I wanted to.  Empowering women to do more and live an active lifestyle is something I’m truly passionate about.  I set out to get a degree in Fashion and worked to develop an apparel line and brand that helped women to feel bold and powerful.  That was the start to EleVen.  The name EleVen represents how I aim to live - without limits.  In our world, 10 is just another number, but EleVen is a lifestyle.  We go beyond, challenge the status quo, and push through obstacles to living our best life.  I want to support the go-getting women out there.

PS: What qualities do you look for in a tennis outfit? 

VW:   I look for a few things in an outfit.  It has to be cute.  I want to look good both on and off the court.  Most importantly, though, it has to help me move fast and strong on the court.  Style AND function for sure.

PS: Do you have any daily routines or practices that help you?  

VW: Well, rituals.  The first thing that happens in the morning is that I think about Tennis.  Every single day of my life - even if I’m taking time off -I wake up and think Tennis.  Then I hit my e-mails.  Routine is hard since every day is different. I try to enjoy when things get a little crazy.

Thanks to Venus and her EleVen Team and our Paragon Staff for such an impressionable day! EleVen by Venus Williams can be found in our Tennis Shop. Come by and try Venus' look for yourself!

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