Meet Marathon Specialist Ronnie Williams

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We’re back with more marathon stories from our running experts. Today, we’ll be chatting with Ronnie Williams, Manager at Paragon Sports. With his 7th marathon to date, his goal time is 3:45, and we wish him well!

Training for a marathon takes time—How do you find room in your busy life to train?

 You must make training part of your everyday culture with a daily/weekly routine. My internal clock wakes me up at 5:30 a.m. and I run 3-5 miles a day with a long run of 15 miles, and average 25 miles a week.

Do you have a favorite route?

Depending on the weather, I generally run along the Hudson River, starting at the red George Washington Bridge lighthouse. The water and scenery give me clarity before I start or finish my work day.

Can you share what was going through your head during your first marathon?

I remember vividly replaying, “The world is going to know what has gotten you to this point.” I kept interjecting my own though saying, “Are you stupid? What are you proving? Nobody cares you were a party animal!” Closer to the finish line, the crowd got denser and I thought, “This is MY moment. Make everyone proud, wipe your face and smile!”

What is one thing you wished you’d done to prepare for this type of race?

During a marathon, you never expect hills. I wish I did more hill repeats and strength training to conquer those daunting hills. But, in the end, I have no regrets. I needed a purpose to get to the finish line, even though no one cared about knowing my struggle. My focus was pure determination and drive that got me there.

What does running mean to you?

Running is my escape, to put aside the worries of the day and focus on one single task.

Can you describe your race day outfit.

An Asics Top Impact Elite Singlet, ec3d 3DPro Compression short and Hoka Huaka shoes

Do you have a tip you can give to a first-time marathoner?

The first half is the time to cruise mentally at Half Marathon pace level (miles 1 through 13). Try to save your emotional energy for the second half (miles 14 through 26.2) at Marathon pace level.

Are you dedicating this year’s Marathon to anyone?

This year I am running for myself, because I just turned 43.

What is your next big race post NYC Marathon?

The Lake Placid Marathon

What keeps you motivated to run marathon after marathon?

My motivation is winding to an end, actually. My new motivation will be focusing on other personal endeavors. I’ll also be training for my first triathlon.

Ronnie’s races include: Hamptons Marathon, Christmas Run in the Bronx, Halloween Run in Tibbetts Brook Park, Yonkers, Halloween Marathon in Van Cortland Park, Thanksgiving Run in Van Cortland

If you’d like to chat more with Ronnie about running, stop by Paragon's lower level , or run with him and our run club every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

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