Meet Marathon Specialist Minh Do

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As the marathon approaches, we’ve been chatting with Paragon Marathoners to get us in the marathon mood, as well as calm any nerves of first-timers. 

Today, Minh Do, Sales Supervisor, and Oregon native shares his story as he gets ready to run his third NYC Marathon.

Minh has run in more than the NYC Marathon, with Portland, Oregon being his first ever, followed by Just Around the Bend Marathon in Oregon. He loves the NYC Marathon because of the diverse crowds of people that gather to support the runners.

"The crowds are the people who truly motivate me to conquer one mile after another. It's really a great feeling like no other!"

While sporting a Nike singlet and split shorts, Minh aims to run Sunday’s race in under 3 hours.

“I was close the last time I ran NYC, but totally hit the wall,” he says. “I ended up doing 3:06—Nothing beats the feeling of crossing the finish line.”

Beyond this goal, he’s contributing his race to the staff he works with.

“They are a great group to work with and competitive in a friendly way. We’re all excited for each other and can't wait to share our battle stories of pounding the pavement."

For the race, he’ll wear the adidas  adizero Boston Boosts. He likes the look of the shoe, and the midsole performs to his taste, as the Boost material doesn’t break down and lends a consistent feel to it.

Minh also shared some advice for our first-time marathoners.

“The week leading up to the marathon, I usually don’t eat out or experiment with new types of food, you don’t want to eat anything that could possibly upset your stomach.”

He recalls one year when he tried a new food and had stomach cramps for the duration of the marathon. 

As for post marathon recovery, he stresses replenishing your electrolytes and maintaining sodium and potassium levels.

When asked about running, in general, Minh explains that it’s more than exercise for him.

“Running has done a great deal for me. It’s an individual activity, but very social—I’ve met a lot of cool people through it. It has also been therapeutic, as there is no better way to gather your thoughts than with an intense run.”

If you like social running too, check out our run club every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. In the meantime, let’s wish Minh the best of luck for his NYC Marathon this weekend!

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