NYC FIT SERIES: Geo, Climbing & Outdoor Specialist

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Meet Climbing and Outdoor Specialist


We love having you as an Associate! I hear you have had a very active athletic past?

Yes, Dancing was a serious passion of mine. I used to dance professionally before working at Paragon.

What’s your  routine on a typical workout day?

I usually climb with a buddy. We stretch out before we start, then warm up on the bouldering wall. Next, we’ll move to the top-rope routes for an hour or so, then finish on the bouldering walls until we are spent.

How do you stay fit in the Big Apple?

I rock climb at BKB, hike in the Catskills and play rec.league flag football and soccer. In the winter I snowboard.

What advice would you give to someone looking to try out your active endeavors?

Don’t be afraid to be bad at something! Everyone was a beginner at some point and EVERYBODY respects a person working hard to improve their lives.

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