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Ashley Nelson is the founder of the luxury travel and lifestyle site Impossibly Imperfect where she shares everything from travel guides to workouts to personal styling tips. Ashley is also the founder of Tenth on Hudson, a PR and branding company specializing in fitness, health/wellness and fashion.

PS: Thank you, Ashley, for hanging out with us in NYC!  Let’s get right into it.  You write about travel, style, and everything else in between.  Since Summer is practically here, what are some trends the active traveler needs to look out for?

AN: So many hotels and resorts are finally investing in proper wellness programming! There’s a big emphasis being put on bringing instructors in to teach specialty classes or even do takeovers during entire weekends.

 PS: What are some of your top Summer getaway spots?

AN: That’s a hard one, there are too many!  If you have a little bit of time consider heading to the Amalfi Coast in Italy, it’s a tried and true favorite of mine! For my longer summer trip, I am attempting to get to Croatia later this summer and cannot wait!

 If you are looking for something a little different and off the beaten path I highly, highly suggest checking out the magical island of Mustique. It’s a breathtaking island in the Grenadines just off of St. Lucia where you can rent a private home complete with a full staff that as you will quickly learn will welcome you with their rum punch (this is a competition among the houses!)  The real selling point for me as a New Yorker though is that no one is in a rush, no one cares who is who, you can do whatever you want. Your house staff will happily put together a beautiful beachside picnic lunch, you can go out paddle boarding, snorkeling or even give horseback riding lessons a whirl! Just trust me on this one!

Want a quick weekend getaway (or even a mid-week escape!) from NYC? I have to say I still love a relaxing stay at Gurney’s Montauk. They recently renovated the property and it is stunning! You cannot go wrong with a spa and beach day followed by a dinner at Scarpetta!

 Running on very limited time? Do a staycation at the William Vale in Williamsburg. It’s brand new, has amazing views of NYC, has a chic pool and a great restaurant. You don’t even have to leave the hotel if you don’t want to!

 PS: Any tips on packing smart for a weekend trip?

AN: Keep in mind that it is a weekend getaway, not a month so lay out your outfits, plan ahead and pack it in a weekender bag! I also cannot stress enough to just take two pairs of shoes, one that you’re wearing and a second pair, maybe a dressier option if you need but for a weekend away you don’t need more than two pairs of shoes. If you’re going to a warm weather destination summer dresses can double as a swimsuit coverup. Lastly, roll your pieces vs. folding them. This helps create space but also minimizes the amount of ironing (or steaming!) that you’ll need to do.

 PS: Thanks for all the great info. Can you tell u some must-have essentials for a day at the beach?

AN: Being the beach lover that I am I’ve finally realized that my essentials are pretty simple, I have five things that absolutely must go with me on any beach trip.

 1. A great bathing suit - this sets the tone if you will for the day! This season I am all about a great neutral bikini because it pairs well with any other color! Though a bright sunshine yellow one like this one from  Ola Vida will compliment a great tan!

2. Regardless of what beach you’re going to you snag a skirt, romper or cover-up that can take you from the beach to a casual sunset dinner with ease. 

3.  A fun beach blanket is an absolute must! Make sure it’s big enough for you and some friends!

4.  Don’t leave home without a pair of chic shades. My ray-bans go everywhere with me during the summer!  

5.  And last but not least, Fun! That’s the easiest one of course but you can always take it up a notch with some jams and I’m actually obsessed with this cute little radio  that I can hook my phone up to and stream my own playlists!

 PS:  What a great list for a perfect getaway day! How do you stay active while traveling?

AN: I definitely believe that one of the best ways to explore any city is on foot so I’ll look for running or hiking paths but I tend to find myself walking everywhere too - every little bit helps!  I was just in London a few weeks ago where we had a rare gorgeous day and we walked nearly 18 miles. When I’m short on time I turn to videos that I can do in my hotel room in short snippets. Right now I’m hooked on the Body Conceptions  new video series that lets me do their workout in 5 - 6 minutes sessions where I can pick what body part I want to focus on or if I happen to have enough time I can do the full 60-minute cardio sculpting routine.

Thanks for starting our Summer off with some fresh styles and tips!  You can shop Ashleys Looks below and follow Ashley on her latest travel adventures @ashleynii

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