NYC FIT SERIES: Jenna Tanenbaum, Greenblender founder

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Meet Greenblender Founder

Jenna Tanenbaum

We’re so excited to talk to you this week! What are some of your favorite ways to exercise outdoors?

I love biking and running! I really felt like I got to know New York City after I started doing these two outdoor sports. There is something really satisfying about slowly combing your way through your city inch by inch, mile by mile.

How do you stay active during your busy work week?

 I have a really packed work schedule running my own business so planning is key. I add workouts right into my calendar and treat them as if they are serious meetings (because they are!). I recently started incorporating workouts as I commute home – two birds with one stone style. I will run home or add a few extra laps in Prospect Park on my bike. The efficiency of commuting and exercising makes the workout even better.

It’s inspiring that you bike to work. Do you have tips for people who are trying to bike more often?

 I have 3 tips for people just starting out:

1. Get comfortable on the bike and don’t try to battle the streets of NYC right off the bat, go to a traffic free location first like Prospect Park or the West Side Highway. Get used to being on the bike and maneuvering it.

2. The bike community is so vibrant and welcoming. Find a local cycling group or compete with yourself and others online (I love using Strava).

3. Map out your route. If you’re commuting for the first time, map your route before hitting the road so you know where you’re going and you will be more confident on the bike.

Being a fitness role model and owner of a juice company, how you empower your team at Greenblender to stay active? How? Why?

Greenblender is all about making small iterative changes and doing healthy things you love to do. Instead of crash diets or crazy fitness challenges, you build healthy habits that last a lifetime. At Greenblender, we really try to practice what we preach and stock our fridge with only healthy snacks, fruits, and veggies. We offer company discounts to our local rock climbing gym and encourage people to take a break in the middle of the day to workout.

What are some of your favorite fitness events of 2016 (races/meet-ups, etc.)?

 I am currently gearing up for the Brooklyn Half Marathon. That race will always have a special place in my heart because it was my first endurance event.

Jenna's Look: Pearlizumi Jacket and Leggings, UnderArmour Top, New Balance Running Shoes, Sidi Cycling Shoes,  Rudy Project Eyewear, Kask Helmet, and Garmin Watch. 

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