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Meet Yoga Instructor

Kat Fowler

 We’re so excited to get to hang out with you this week! Let's start with how you first got into yoga?

That's kind of a long story. I was introduced to Yoga by my parents. They are really spiritual people who raised me in that context. It became a very big part of my life starting in my late teens due to an intense break up (which ended up being a huge blessing.) It was almost inevitable that I became a yoga teacher.

What do you like about being a yogi and teaching yoga in NYC?

 I love that the city is so densely populated and so energetically intense. I think over almost any other major city in the world New Yorkers need yoga most. We are all highly stressed and highly driven people and sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in the fast pace of living here in the city. Teaching here gives me the opportunity to give back to the community I belong to, allowing students to access parts of them self where they feel calm and peaceful and at ease simply through their yoga practice.

What does your personal  daily yoga practice entail?

Every day I say a prayer and try to connect with my higher consciousness through meditation -whether you want to call that God, the universe, cosmic energy, supreme intelligence, the divine, etc. that is more important to me than doing any other practice in yoga. I use the asana practice, or the postures, strategically, (as well as pranayama occasionally,) to cleanse myself energetically, so mediation is possible.

What is the most important lesson that yoga has taught you?

Yoga reminds me of what is real and what is eternal - it allows me to tap into that space of clarity within myself where I can see the truth of what I'm feeling in my heart and witness the incredible micro-version of the universe that resides within. (It's in all of us.)

What inspires you to continue practicing yoga?

The personal experiences I've had within my practice have been transformative to my life. All of those experiences inspire me to keep meditating. It's only through experiencing those things for myself firsthand, that I can help others experience them too.

 You practice meditation and breath work. Can you give us some basic tips on how to get started?

The best tip I have is to do everything you can to get comfortable. Make your room a comfortable place where you can sit and feel still, take a yoga class or go for a run where you can get rid of or help manage some of the excess energy or stress in the body, and then aim for just five minutes to start. Allow your eyes to close and just focus on your breath. Set a timer for five minutes, and try to come back to that daily, whether it's right when you wake up or right before you go to bed. Consistency is key.

What do you look for in the perfect yoga outfit?

Something that's comfortable and functional. Something that fits me well and stays put as I'm practicing. My favorite pieces are generally anything that is high coverage, and I love wearing as much black as possible.

What are some of your pre and post yoga meals?

I almost always start my day with a protein smoothie. As a vegetarian, I find it's really important to supplement healthy plant protein options every day.

How can we practice yoga with you?

 If you live in New York you can come and take my classes at Pure Yoga uptown or Yoga Vida downtown. I also teach various workshops and training courses throughout the East Coast. You can find my full schedule at

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