NYC FIT SERIES: Azure, Yogi & Fitness Specialist

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Meet Yogi & Fitness Specialist 


We love having you as an Associate! Do you participate in another fitness-related job in addition to working at Paragon?

 I'm a yoga teacher! I teach vinyasa flow (but slowly, I'm all about long holds), beginner's yoga, and yoga for children, teens, and families.

What’s your schedule for a typical workout day?

Every morning I do some mindful movements and breathing to get in touch with what my body needs. If I'm feeling up for it I'll do a round of sun salutations to warm up, go for a short jog or run, and do deep stretching and relaxation to follow.

Since I am always busy on my way to or from something I try to work little things in, like mountain pose when I'm waiting for the subway, or leg lifts to strengthen hip flexors.

What local studios do you frequent? What brings you there?

Yoga to the People on St. Marks is my most frequented spot since the atmosphere is incredible, the students are great, the teachers are great, and the message of yoga for everyone totally aligns with my own values. I have taken great classes at East Yoga and Sacred Sounds yoga as well as love participating in events like Solstice in Time Square and Lole's yoga in the park last summer.

Azure Alo legging
Azure 2
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Azure's Look: Alo tank and leggings, Maaji sports bra,  Soybu hoodie, Adidas superstar sneakers, Hugger-Mugger Mat, and Herschel bag.

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