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NYC FIT SERIES with Trainer Sylvie Curci



Sylvie Curci is an NYC fitness professional known for her high-flying acrobatics and partner-oriented acroyoga practice. When she's not busy climbing on top of people, you can find her doing hot yoga at Modo Yoga NYC, or a Crossfit WOD at Solace NYC. We met up with Sylvie at the Just opened  NYSC at Astor Place to talk fitness and see some of her latest moves. 

PS: Thank you so much for hanging out with us today!  How did you get into doing Acro Yoga?

SC: I was a gymnast growing up and a diver in college, so when I reached my early 20s I was eager to find something that would allow me to continue to play upside down. I discovered Acro via Instagram and after my first flight, I was totally hooked.

 PS: How has practicing AcroYoga helped you in other aspects of your fitness?  How else do you like to train?

SC: Practicing AcroYoga has taught me a lot about partnership and collaboration. While I still love working out on my own sometimes, the trust and intuition it takes to successfully achieve higher level Acro tricks has helped me to develop my communication skills to a whole new level which I am very grateful for.

 PS: How can someone new to Acro Yoga get started?

SC: Find your local community. Most cities have AcroYoga groups on Facebook that you can join and learn about the local classes and jams (play sessions) going on in your area.

 PS: What does an average week of training look like for you?  How do you keep things fun and fresh?

SC: It seems there is no such thing as an average week of training for me lately! While I tend to always log a good number of hours in hot yoga, and practicing handstands, I tend to try at least one new class a week with a friend. I love being exposed to new ways to move.

PS: You do a lot of different things.  How do you find balance (pun intended )?

SC: Finding balance is hard. I often find myself over-scheduling my days with workouts and forgetting to schedule in time for rest. Remembering that my body needs rest to recover has been key. I sometimes literally put reminders in my google calendar to "Chill Out." or "Unplug" with no cell phone hours. We all need cues to relax and disconnect sometimes, especially when you're right in the middle of  NYC hustle. 

 PS: What are some new things on the horizon for you?

SC: I am part of a very exciting new studio that will be launching this September in NYC. I can't reveal too much about it yet, but I guarantee that you will get a great workout and be able to explore some of those high-flying moves you've always wanted to try!

 PS: Super exciting!  How can people get in touch with you and follow your NYC Fit life?

SC: Find and Follow me on Instagram at @sylvie.curci

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