NYC FIT SERIES: Ashley Wilking

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This edition of our NYC FIT Series features Ashley Wilking; martial artist, triathlete, competitive swimmer, Barry's Bootcamp Instructor, and fitness guru. 

PS: Thanks for meeting with us, Ashley!  From teaching at Barry’s Boot Camp to racing in Triathlons, you do it all.  How did you get into sports & fitness?

AW: Even as a kid growing up in small-town Louisiana, athletics was my happy place. I moved to NYC with a one-way ticket and no plan.  Putting my Tae Kwon Do to use ( I have a second-degree black belt) I taught karate to kids at a local studio while interviewing for corporate jobs. After landing a great desk job, fitness became my creative outlet. I like to think that I can relate the “everyday athlete", working 9-5 but still putting in the extra hours training for races. Everything is always about balance. For me,  staying busy and active is what I love; so I do both to help others excel at the same. 

PS: What does a week of workouts in NYC look like for you? 

AW: I’m definitely a morning person, up at 5 a.m. to get in that early morning sweat. You can either catch me teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp or at Chelsea Piers where I swim laps and run sprints. I’m a big advocate for keeping a variety of methods in my routine, so I try to mix it up with cross training at S10 with Stephen Cheuk or grab a boxing class with my guys over at Rumble.

PS: Do you have any triathlon training tips?

AW:  Yep, have fun! :) Also learn to train without music. Sounds funny, but so many people are reliant on music for their runs and even biking ... dangerous!!  Learning to get in tune with my body and tune out of the voice in my head without the distraction of music was huge for me. It’s like meditation, but a little sweatier! There are so many elements to triathlon racing, I always say you have to enjoy the process of being in progress.

PS: Tell us about AshFit?

AW: I created the ASH FIT brand as an all-encompassing motivator geared to highlighting the best in fitness, health, and wellness. I wanted to focus on creating an environment that inspires individuals of all backgrounds and fitness levels to excel as their strongest selves. The ASH FIT workout is an agile method emphasizing cardio, strength training and flexibility through heart-pumping interval training, core stabilization and toning. Inspired by my boxing & martial arts background, body weight movements are utilized throughout these workouts. I designed ASH FIT to be an individualized progressive experience for both every day and elite athletes alike!

PS:  What do you look for in active fashion?  

AW: Everyone loves fun design and comfort, but durability is a big one for me. I’m in my athletic gear constantly, so finding pieces that will hold their integrity workout after workout is key.

PS:  What’s the one piece of fitness gear you can’t live without?

AW: My watch! I’m obsessed with my Garmin forerunner 735xt. It helps me not only track my runs and bike rides but also my swimming and it seamlessly switches between all three for triathlon racing. Plus the big bonus is that I don’t need to carry my phone so I can stay distraction free!

PS: Spring is here.  What’s a good way for us to up our fitness game?

AW: Get outside! Running and biking are an obvious way, but there are so many outdoor workouts at local parks and fitness organizations that are free to join.  Spring is also happy hour prime time. Next time your co-workers ask to grab drinks—grab a sweat instead. Then catch up after over a healthy meal or snack. #sweatworking at its finest!

PS: Do you have any recovery tips for after an intense workout?

AW: I’m HUGE on recovery! Gone are the days of thinking more workouts equate to better results. I’m a stickler for foam rolling as much as possible: every morning, and before and after every workout. I recently added a Theragun to my routine and it has been a game changer. Most people forget about nutrition as recovery. Fueling your body is key. My go-to is Indie Fresh. They literally have the greatest of it all, smoothie, juice, salads, protein bowls, soups and more! All dairy and gluten free. Plus they delivery in commuter friendly packing! I must say their drink Wake Up Ashley is tremendous, but I’m a little biased! ;)

PS: Are you competing in any races this year?

AW: Yes! I’ll be competing in the New York City Triathlon and Nation’s Tri this summer! I’m a big fan of triathlons, there is something about the thrill of the change up. 

PS: What’s one of your favorite motivational mantras to use before, during, or after a workout or race?

AW: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll aways get what you’ve always got.” Challenge is just that, a challenge, but unless we take it we’ll never know.

Catch Ashley for a free workout at our special Earth Day Summer streets Event on Saturday, April 22nd on Broadway between 17th & 18th Street. More info to come on our events page!

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