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Founded in 2013 by Gary Lenett and Abid Hafeez, Dish and Duer was started with the intention of bridging the gap between functional and fashionable clothing.  Gary, who had over 25 years of experience making jeans and a newfound love for cycling, and Abid Hafeez, who had over 25 years of experience with performance fabrics for brands like Under Armour, teamed streamline and innovate within the denim world.  Their skeleton key to breaking into the denim market is fabric innovation.  Their first innovation, L2X, is performance stretch denim, made from a custom blend of fibers that enhance the essence of denim while being 30% lighter and stronger than traditional denim.  Their philosophy is the antithesis of fast fashion, creating long-lasting garments that promote sustainability while hiring highly skilled salaried employees.

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