Triathlon Training Tips with Ashley Wilking

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Ashley Wilking is an NYC-based Triathlete, Martial Artist, Competitive Swimmer, Barry's Boot Camp Instructor, and all-around Fitness Guru.  The Paragon Sports team met up with her to learn how she's training for the NYC Triathlon and what we can do to get ready!

PS: Why do you love Triathlons and the training involved? 

AW: It's the thrill of the change up that I love! Each portion of the race requires different strength and skill sets.  You find the challenge in the portion you're racing, fight through the struggle and just when you reach you limit-- you switch! Then comes a whole new set of challenges! The exciting thing about the training is you really get to change it up. Also if you're not feeling up for a long run, you can ease through a long bike, or interval train in the pool with no impact or leg work! 

PS: You’re racing in the NYC Triathlon.  What are your top training tips?

AW: My number one, always enjoy it! Most of us race for fun, but then get too caught up in our training regimen and forget to enjoy the process. Second, keep a consistent change up! Swimming, biking, and running are your main focus, but don't forget the strength training, stretching and recovering. Recovery is KEY! 

PS: What gear is a must-have for all of your Triathlon needs?

AW: I love, love my Garmin Forerunner 735XT. It's so much fun to be able to analyze your training and really break down how you're performing and how you're increasing your performance through training. 

PS: What are some good spots around NYC to swim, bike, and run? 

AW: I love swimming at Chelsea Piers Sports Center. The pool is at the end of the Pier and overlooks the Hudson. BONUS: There's a hot tub and pool deck to enjoy after you train. They also have a great indoor cycling (as well as programs!) to help you learn and prepare of your races, and the indoor track is great for rainy days and practicing transitions. 

But, there is nothing like the good ol' outdoors. I frequently hit up Central Park to get in a few bike laps and hill climbs on my bike.  Also, replicating the NYC Triathlon run in Central Park is great for training those hills! 

For my longer bike rides, I head up the Hudson and cross over the George Washington Bridge, and enjoy the long scenic ride through Palisades Park. 


Thank you Ashley for inspiring us to train SMART and have FUN.  To learn more about Ashley, check out her feature on our NYC FIT Blog HERE.  

Paragon Sports IS NYC's Triathlon Destination. You can shop all of the gear you need HERE.  Whether it's your first Tri or your fiftieth Tri, come by to schedule Paragon by Appointment have one of our experts help you find the right training tools.

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