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Skate Sharpening

With a legacy of over a century, our in-house ice skate sharpening boasts exceptional expertise. Our services cater to customers ranging from amateur enthusiasts to professional athletes.

  • Recreational Skates
  • Figure Skates
  • Hockey Skates

    Sharpening: $25

Blade Services

Our skilled team is ready to assist with in-house services for repairing or replacing hockey holders and runners. Additionally, we offer expertise in mounting and adjusting figure skate blades.

Please come in or call for pricing

Molding / Stretching

Our in-house team is equipped to custom heat mold in-house purchased skates, as well as those acquired externally.

Additionally, leather figure skate boots can undergo last-stretch and pinpoint adjustments to address specific areas of discomfort within the boot.

Outside Fee: $50.

Skate Fittings

Our seasoned team excels in providing personalized skate fittings for everyone, spanning from beginners to advanced levels in both figure and hockey skates. We're equally dedicated to meeting the needs of recreational skaters.