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SportsParagon Sports Gift Card - $100

Paragon Sports Gift Card - $100

Color: 100-00
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Do you want to buy someone a gift, but are having trouble deciding what to get them? Don’t guess what they want, instead give them a gift card so they can choose whatever their heart desires. A gift card makes the perfect present for any situation, no matter receives it. Gift cards can be used both, in person at Paragon Sporting Goods on 18th and Broadway in NYC or online at These are physical gift cards and will arrive by mail, as this is not an electronic gift card.

Specifications Description

Specifications Description
Redeemable: In store and Online |Gift card purchases are untaxed; tax is applied when redeemed online or in stores. |Gift cards can’t be refunded or redeemed for cash or credit. |Promotions and Sales cannot be used to purchase gift cards. |If your purchase exceeds the gift card balance, you will be asked to pay the remainder.
Item Number: 99999-PHYSICAL GC-100.00